2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Kawasaki Ninja 250R Mods aroma moge or big motor. More and sip again, he also entered the lives moge Kawasaki in various details and changes that grafted on this Ninja.

Deliberately integrate its moge Kawasaki. Let compact because of the brand. Starting from the detail Kawasaki ZX6, ZX10, ZX14 try until combined,

The most obvious can be seen from the installation of the front legs. by relying on a set copotan of Kawasaki Ninja ZX6. Starting from the triangle, disc front, handlebars and gas until spontaneous.

ZX10 Copotan of parts represented by the installation of the following two sections rim rear gear. "Incidentally this can package a set of wheels, so baseball not bother looking for other brands

Continue to condom designs mimic the tank to the body contour or curve of the Kawasaki ZX14. Installation of condoms made ​​from fiberglass tank supports motor body became more stretched. By doing so, so much moge tongkrongan abis.

But the intention to put all copotan moge Kawasaki constrained by the availability of waste parts. The solution is try to mix with a copotan moge property of the manufacturer Yamaha.

Kawasaki moge Copotan baseball as much as stock owned Honda or Yamaha,
Admittedly, there are some details taken from copotan moge Yamaha. As the selection of swing arm taken from arm Yamaha R6 special edition version. Arm swing is special. The model is most sip from other MOGE in its class.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Not only that, the spirit of Yamaha R6 also complement this motor body alteration. As the body on the rear tail that is formed from fiberglass. Let me look and detail more sip, he also wed with sepotbor and stop lamp's original new Yamaha R6.

Try sporty feel represented by the selection of colors and graphics cathing eye on all parts of the body of this Ninja 250R. I'll always be a concern, the motor cutting sticker affixed to the American flag graphic with attractive design. "At first the British flag graphic design, but the owners get bored asking replaced American,

Pull a thick red line meets the front area of ​​the body also sepatbor tank top to the front. Who's the star motif on the outboard in the middle of the fairing and rear body.

Fun entire body graphics created using the technique of cutting sticker. "For the graphics I have a special sticker cutting tools and direct my own design,

Work on cutting sticker graphic body was confirmed baseball take long. Especially when compared with the process of airbrush. Another advantage again, if the owner of the motor bored, striping that has been attached can simply be replaced without having to 'inpatient' again in the workshop.
Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifications American Style
Design of the American flag be an option, in addition to baseball also cool everlasting ages. Moreover, the white color was chosen as the base color. That's what makes the display so the Ninja 250R as a whole looks more attractive and also fresh.

Convex mirror

One of the most interesting and creative in the modification of the Ninja 250R is a mirror installation. no longer rely on innate Ninja 250R attached to the left and right front fairing.

Replaced congenital mirror convex glass model cars with mounted right in the middle windshiled, however, this mirror is not just a sweetener. But still function in accordance with the rules of safety riding. "The view to the rear still looks clear like a mirror wearing the standard.

Front tire: Battlax 130/60-17
Rear tire: 180/70-17
Speedometer: Digital Koso RX2

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